ANPASSA 9th Anniversary Special Edition Tourbillon (AST901B)

矽膠帶 Silicone Strap



【ANPASSA 九週年紀念版】 酒桶陀飛輪預訂⌚數量有限🎉 42 x 55mm 外殼設計採用夜光碳纖維配上超硬DLC鍍黑結合而成,機芯採用ANPASSA自家8點位置陀飛輪,機芯結構使用上航天物料鎂合金製造。標誌著九週年的底夾版。陀飛輪運行約30小時儲存功能,紅色蜘蛛陀飛輪橋架及矽膠帶可配上(紅/藍/黑/黄/橙) [ANPASSA 9th Anniversary Special Edition Tourbillon] Pre-order is now available! While stocks last! 42 x 55mm luminous carbon fiber with DLC black barrel-shaped case, equipped with approximately 30 hours power reserved ANPASSA in-house 8’O Clock positioned tourbillon movement with Aerospace material magnesium alloy, signifying 9th anniversary back movement structure, red colored spider design Tourbillon bridge and silicone strap available in red, blue, black, yellow and orange.

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